What’s In My Purse

I am on the hunt again. What I am looking for is not difficult to find: supple yet sturdy leather, just the right amount of storage and organizing compartments, and the prefect handle length so it can rest in the crook of my arm or slip over my shoulder. You guessed it. I am looking for The Perfect Purse.

Changing purses to coordinate with your outfit is a must. No, it doesn’t have to match but it can. Toting along your canvas floppy, beach bag while impeccably dressed for work is like wearing a t-strap sports bra with a strapless dress. It ruins the finished product.

I switch between four beautifully-crafted purses right now. My everyday purses (one black and one brown, of course) can hold everything I could possibly need – and used to hold everything my kids could possibly need: diapers, sippy cups, enough snacks for an insatiable toddler, and a full-size iPad for those never-ending waiting room stays. But now, all it holds is my wallet, my phone, and my “switch bag.”  With my youngest off to kindergarten this year, my purse, like my time, is mine again. The freedom is cause for celebration and making a change. Like an empty-nester, I am ready to downsize!


To help my clients, and myself, make changing bags easy as 1-2-3, I use a “switch bag.” What is a switch bag? It is genius. I am, for sure, not the first to think of this, but I have blown a few clients’ minds with its simplicity. A switch bag contains your must-haves, the items you never want to think, “Ugh. I left it in my other purse!”


Here is what is in my switch bag: ear buds, lipstick(s), powder, breathe mints, hair tie, ibuprofen, tampons, bandaids, a nail file, and my business cards. These are all my “just-in-case” items and a few essentials.

On my way out of the door each morning, I choose the bag that best suits and complete my 1-2-3 checklist:

1 – wallet

2 – phone

3 – switch bag

Ok, to be honest, I also grab a snack and a fizzy water too. My kids have taught me to never go anywhere without provisions!

If you make the act of changing your purse simple and accessible, you’ll be able to easily finish the look you are going for and not stress about what you forgot.

Purse Storage in Coat Closet

Stylist’s Coat Closet


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