Luxury fabrics, contemporary classics, and superior garment construction all describe Doncaster clothing.

Like its contemporaries, Etcetera and Carlisle, Doncaster has had great success in the elite fashion market by staying out of the dying brick and mortar retail market. Doncaster is only sold through truck shows and consultants. You can view the items in person four times a year, when each truck is released. I had the joy of taking a sneak peek at their Fall Winter 2017 line last week.

Marguerite Rupar  has been selling Doncaster for 23 years. She knows her brand and her clients well. We chatted about the rich local history of Doncaster and its humble beginnings making and selling men’s shirts for A&P grocery stores. They first dipped their toes in the dress market after the industrious women of the Junior League approached them to do a fundraiser, morphing the quality design of their men’s shirts into the classically that we still wear today: the fabulous shirtwaist dress. Thank you Junior League!

Fun Fact: Doncaster was lovingly named after a quaint town in England that the founder, S.B. (Bobo) Tanner Jr. and his wife, Millie, visited on their honeymoon.

I have had the privilege of putting my hands on many Doncaster garments over the years. My most discerning clients have Doncaster in their closets. Some pieces are several years old and still in beautiful condition and classically stylish. Doncaster clients know that the brand prides itself on high quality fabrics that feel amazing on and last decades with proper care. Which, for most other labels, that is a standard that has fallen so low today that having a garment for more than a couple of seasons without falling apart is seen as an accomplishment.

As a wardrobe consultant, I differ from other stylists. My visions and my clients’ visions don't always follow the trends.

Trends can be fun and exciting, but what I instill in my clients is that a wardrobe with quality foundations pieces- pieces that fit perfectly and compliment their style and colors- is more fashionable than the latest trend.

I find beauty in confidence. My clients find that confidence in clothes that feel fantastic on, rather than the never-ending race to stay on trend.

I took so many pictures of their Fall/Winter 2017 collection, it was hard to choose my favorites.

Please contact Marguerite if you are interested in finding out more about this beautiful collection. She is a lovely person that knows more about Doncaster than anyone in Charlotte. In a world of fast fashion, Doncaster stands out not only because of their high-end market but also because of the quality and ability to maintain superior standards of design and construction. 

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