A tailor is your closet’s best friend; that is, of course, second to a professional stylist. Clothes off-the-rack are designed to fit each label’s ideal market. Let’s ignore, for just a moment, the insulting practice of vanity sizing and talk about proper fit.

Proper fit is a rare off-the-rack experience. For example, I get 99% of my pants tailored. (I leave my gym tights alone, usually.) I have the common female issue of having wider hips than my waist, causing my pants to fall down all the time. This is a simple fix of having the waist taken in at the back. On average, this costs $12-$15 at a skilled tailor. Because you are dealing with denim and matching thread and stitch weight, I would caution using a dry cleaner as your tailor.

Recently, I had to find a new tailor. My previous one lost her location due to a large renovation. After reading reviews, I decide to try out June’s Alterations in Cornelius. Boy, am I glad I did!

June has been sewing here in the North Carolina for the past 23 years. She was born in Korea and immigrated to the States with her husband and children.

I took her my usual jeans alteration. I also decided to have her cut the length and add a “stay stitch” to the bottom of the leg so the fringe would have a nice stopping point.

The second piece I took her was a dress I scored while visiting Alberta, Canada this past summer for a family wedding. It was on sale, and the US dollar was still beating the pants off the CAD so everything was 20%. The final price of this dress was about $30 USD. It was a steal. I knew when I bought it that is was too wide. The material has some stretch, so I knew I could have it taken in on the sides and still be able to put it over my shoulders.

I am very pleased with June’s work and excited to have a new tailor in pocket. When you need a tailor, please go see June and tell her Kathryn set you.

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