Are you Black Friday Shopping? Read up on how to hit the sales floor like a pro.

1. Do your research.
Know when new items hit the floor – also when the sale items get discounted.
Know your clients’ (or your’s) favorite designers and why they are their favorites.
2. Look for inspiration.
Keep your eyes open and take notes. If you see an outfit you like, ask yourself why. Find a style icon to follow on Instagram.
3. Shop with a list.
Know what you already own.
What are your wants vs. needs – and how to tell the difference?
4. Find the unexpected piece.
Take risks! We are only talking about clothes. Start small with mixing prints, cuffing your skinny jeans, or mixing styles: flannel and sparkling jewelry!
5. Make friends with the staff.
They know the floor better than any stylist could. Ask for help finding pieces, recommending a local tailor, and grabbing different sizes.

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