Who are her clients?

Typically, her clients are women that are successful in their careers or are preparing to take a risk and make a change in their lives. Both these clients know that appearances matter, and first impressions are essential in communicating who they are and what they want.

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN looking to elevate their wardrobe to stay relevant in their field.

WOMEN IN REVIVAL who not only understand that reinvention occurs in the mind but also know that a change in their appearance can be the foundation of their new identity.

SUCCESSFUL WOMEN who know the advantage of having a wardrobe consultant at their disposal. They understand the value of their most precious commodity: their time. Having a stylist gives them more time to focus on their goals and successes.

There are several great stylists in the Charlotte, N.C. area, each with their own approach and ideal client. Kathryn differentiates herself from them with her knowledge of fabric construction and the importance of proper tailoring and garment design.

Please take a look at her reviews or contact her at StyledbyKathrynM@gmail.com or 704.221.6121

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