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Meet June

A tailor is your closet’s best friend; that is, of course, second to a professional stylist. Clothes off-the-rack are designed to fit each label’s ideal market. Let’s ignore, for just a moment, the insulting practice of vanity sizing and talk about proper fit. Proper fit is a rare off-the-rack experience. For example, I get 99% of my pants tailored. (I leave my gym tights … Read More Meet June

Fashion Terms and Styles

I came across this illustrated guide, “Fashion Terms and Styles for Women’s Garments,” published in 1991, while searching for the specific terms for the varying lengths of women’s blazers. Fascinatingly enough, the terms are unisex – here’s one for gender equality!  I love learning the etymology of fashion terms; some are entertainingly descriptive: a leg-of-mutton sleeve, Queen Ann neck line, or a smoking jacket. … Read More Fashion Terms and Styles

Doncaster Fall/Winter 2017

Luxury fabrics, contemporary classics, and superior garment construction all describe Doncaster clothing. Like its contemporaries, Etcetera and Carlisle, Doncaster has had great success in the elite fashion market by staying out of the dying brick and mortar retail market. Doncaster is only sold through truck shows and consultants. You can view the items in person four times a year, when each truck is released. … Read More Doncaster Fall/Winter 2017