SbK Stylist Training will give your staff the tools to connect with your customers.

Women buy clothes because of how they make them feel and how your shop makes them feel. In an age of technology and the increasing lack of face to face relations experienced online, what your customer craves is something real

  • They will learn how to develop relationships with shoppers
  • Help them discover their own personal styles
  • This will help cultivate a unique and genuine shopping experience

This will result in loyal and frequent shoppers.

On completion of this training course, your staff will have the confidence to analyze
  • colors
  • body shapes
  • types of shoppers
  • alteration options
  • and pull the right items for each type of customer

Investing in your staff will result in higher and consistent sales, as well as, a more intimate relationships with your customers. Your team members will feel valued and empowered.

Each course is customized to reach your ideal market, enhancing the personal training experience by working in your floor space and with your staff.  Contact Kathryn to begin creating your custom training program.

Build Relationships. Increase Sales.

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