SbK Closet Purge

SbK’s Closet Purge is a multifaceted tool that is designed to educate you on the importance of fit and garment construction. While going through your entire wardrobe piece by piece, each garment will be assessed and categorized into Keep, Try-On, Tailor, Consign or Donate piles. Finding or – even at times creating – the perfect fit is essential in truly loving a piece of clothing. Once the existing wardrobe has been reviewed (right down to shoes, purses and accessories) wardrobe gaps will be reviewed. This list will create your personal shopping guide. As a part of the Closet Purge service, Kathryn will help you source those key pieces on your shopping guide complete with purchasable links to every item on your customized shopping list. This service is a maximum of 3 hours maximum 5 hours. Addtional time billed at hourly rate.

Personal Shopping – 2 hour minimum

There is nothing more helpful while shopping than an honest opinion. Using the knowledge gained from your Closet Purge, Kathryn can help you navigate area merchants, as well as, utilizing online clothing and accessory purveyors of luxury consignment like The Real Real and The Vestiaire Collective. This service is billed at the hourly rate.

The Quarterly

This is a subscription-based, quarterly, personal shopping service delivered directly to your door; like Stitch Fix but with higher quality of clothes, The Quarterly is completed by your own personal stylist that knows you well. Keep your wardrobe current with personally-selected pieces. See The Quarterly for details.

Luggage Services

Kathryn can take the stress out of what to wear and how to pack. She will create outfits from your existing wardrobe that will flow together seamlessly and make the most out of your limited packing space. This service is charged at the hourly rate.

Seasonal Wardrobe Change

One of Kathryn’s favorite parts of living in the Carolinas is the subtle change of seasons. Having a wardrobe that can change with Charlotte’s unpredictable weather makes the wearing of wool to linen in the same week as easy as opening your closet doors. This service will be offered to existing clients only, as a wardrobe evaluation will need to have been completed in order to detect wardrobe gaps. Kathryn will help you evaluate current trends and select pieces that will flow seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. She will update your existing Personal Shopping Guide and help you locate those chosen seasonal pieces to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous all year long. This service is a minimum 2 hours and then billed at the hourly rate for any additional time.


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