This is a subscription based, personal shopping service delivered directly to your door. This service is similar to Stitch Fix but with higher quality of clothes and completed by your own personal stylist who knows you well. Keep your wardrobe current with regular budget conscious additions to your closet.

How To Start

This service is exclusively for existing clients. How much input you have into your quarterly box is up to you. You can request specific items that have been on your wish list or leave the whole process up to Kathryn.

Smart Acquisitions 

Setting a budget for your SbK box is essential. By sourcing a variety of local merchants, trunk shows and online retailers, Kathryn will ensure that you acquire high quality pieces that will elevate your personal style and flow seamlessly into your current wardrobe.

FIT First

Having a live local personal stylist saves you money. Clothes that fit well look expensive, feel better on your body and last longer – no more walking on the hem of your pants! Depending on the item, multiple sizes of certain items can be included in your SbK Box and does will not count towards your item total. At times, going up or down a size can make all the difference in fit. If you would like, Kathryn can even pin and take your items to her tailor and return them for a small fee.


Your SbK Box will be hand delivered by Kathryn. You can choose a simple drop and go, like Fed Ex only way more stylish. Or, for an additional fee, you can choose to set up an In House Dressing Room appointment where Kathryn not only brings your SbK Box to your door but stays for the fitting.


The Quarterly SbK box subscription fee includes delivery and returns. Kathryn is your personal shopper, and never works on commission for any brand or store. This is different from most subscription services that have an agenda to push certain brands. Hopefully, you will love your SbK Box, but Kathryn knows that the proof is in the FIT. Each item in your SbK Box will be returnable unless specify discussed beforehand. Items like purses and accessories can be found at fantastic prices at luxury consignment retailers both online and local – but local consignment rarely accepts returns. Since the cost per box is a fixed fee, there is no pressure to keep items you do not love.

Quarterly SbK Box Fees

Clients can choose the number of pieces in their SbK Box. Price points adjust accordingly. Clients may increase items to boxes at any time. Cost in addition to items you decide to keep and is fixed fee per box size.

3-5 Pieces – $75 Per Box

5-8 Pieces – $95 Per Box

8-10 pieces – $115 Per Box

Add On’s

In House Dressing Room – $30 per half hour

Tailoring Drop off and Delivery – $25 flat fee

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